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March & Darnley  Lodge No 1141

Masonic “The Friendship” Lodge in Horsham



March & Darnley Masonic Lodge No 1141

Normandy Centre, Denne Road, Horsham, RH12 1JF


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Becoming a Mason

Who can become a Freemason, Mason at March and Darnley lodge

What commitment do you have to make to become a Freemason, Mason at March and Darnley lodge.

Become a Freemason, Join a Masonic Lodge in Horsham West Sussex

Interested in Freemasonry, Masonry in Horsham, would you like to join, become a Freemason, Mason in Horsham, West Sussex or Surrey. Unattached Masons looking to join a Horsham Masonic Lodge. Looking for a social club in Horsham, March and Darnley are looking for new members or unattached Freemasons looking for a friendly sociable lodge, March and Darnley welcome prospects, initiates, new members, unattached Masons from Horsham

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Become a Freemason, Mason in Horsham West Sussex, would you like to join a Masonic Lodge in Sussex. March & Darnley Masonic lodge Horsham would like to welcome anyone interested in becoming a Mason in West Sussex.