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March & Darnley  Lodge No 1141

Masonic “The Friendship” Lodge in Horsham



March & Darnley Masonic Lodge No 1141

Normandy Centre, Denne Road, Horsham, RH12 1JF

Fraternity - friendship and mutual support within a group.

"the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity"

synonyms: brotherhood, fellowship, kinship, friendship, companionship, support, mutual support, solidarity, community, union, togetherness; brotherhood

"the meeting engendered a spirit of fraternity"

“Yes it will help you in your career - but not in the way you might think.  It won’t give you business connections, but it will teach you to be a better speaker, leader, communicator and so on.  Almost like a cheap course in self-development.

It’s life where you gain the most - and the gains are not quantifiable, but, you’ll gain a network of friends worldwide without even trying.  As an example; a few years ago, I was due to visit Oklahoma City (from the UK) - I had never been there before .. I’d been to the US - Boston MA; the headquarters of the company I worked for, but that was all.

I contacted the local lodge (Oklahoma City lodge) and one of their members picked me up from the hotel, took me to a number of local meetings, showed me round the place and generally took it upon himself to act as my host for the (two) periods I was in the city.  I got to see things I’d never have had the opportunity if seeing otherwise.  I made some new friends without even trying ... and friends from all walks of life and people I’d never have reason to meet otherwise. It’s something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

Why did they act this way? Because I was a Brother, and they know I’d do the same for them.”

Quote from a fellow Mason